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8th June 2012  

Slug Pellets in Hamworthy

WARNING: SLUG PELLETS - Some of the houses at Cobbs Quay have planted along the public side of their wall and one house that backs onto Falconer Drive has put down slug pellets. These are extremely poisonous to dogs' and if you suspect your dog has ingested any, you need to get your dog to a vet ASAP to receive the correct treatment.

A puppy has been treated and luckily is fine due to the quick thinking of both the owner and the vets.

This has been reported to the council and hopefully they will ensure these slug pellets are removed immediately.

23rd February 2012  

Poole Campaigners Honoured at the Kennel Club's KC Dog Awards

KC Dog Campaigner Award 2012Lin Waring, Chris Eaton, Kelly Willmington, and Derek Corby, collectively known as the Dog Walkers Action Group of Hamworthy Park (DWAG) joined other canine campaigners from across the country to celebrate their dog-related good deeds of the last twelve months at a prize-giving ceremony in London’s Mayfair.

DWAG was presented with the accolade on account of the positive action they have taken to help Poole’s dogs lead happy, healthy lives, which includes campaigning to ensure that overly restrictive dog control orders were not unnecessarily implemented in local Hamworthy Park, taking a proactive approach to keeping the park free from litter and other environmental nuisances, and building good relationships with national organisations such as the Kennel Club and Keep Britain Tidy. Speaking at the presentation, Lin Waring of DWAG, said: “We are so pleased to have won the award and plan to keep working hard to make Hamworthy Park a great place for everyone in the community”.

KC Dog Award Winners 2012Kennel Club Chairman, Steve Dean, added: ““These awards are an opportunity for us to credit the actions taken by campaigners on a local level to ensure that the UK’s dogs continue to enjoy maximum access to our open spaces.

“The Dog Walkers Action Group has gone above and beyond to ensure that both dogs and their owners get the best deal possible in terms of access and protection of their rights. We thank them for their tremendous contribution to making a positive difference to our four-legged friends and hope that their approach will act as a model for others to follow.”

28th October 2010  

The John Jay Shield Awards

Dog walkers … dancers … a pub landlord … Police staff and volunteers … a campaigner against the sex trade … a residents’ association … and a youth club … all their efforts in reducing crime in Poole were celebrated at the John Jay Shield Awards for Community Safety.

The awards covered activities that achieved any of the following:

  • Making Poole a safer place
  • Building a supportive community
  • Improving the lives of people at risk of offending or re-offending
  • Supporting victims of crime
  • Helping prevent or detect crimes
John Jay Shield Award

Eight individuals or organisations were highly commended and received certificates from the Mayor of Poole for their voluntary efforts or work ‘above and beyond the call of duty’.

  • Alderney West Youth Club
  • Dog Walkers Action Group (Hamworthy Park)
  • PC Barry Gosling
  • Nikila Newman, Infection Dance Academy
  • Terry Plummer, Volunteers co-ordinator, Dorset Police
  • Purple Teardrop Campaign (against human trafficking and sexual exploitation)
  • Rossmore and Alderney Safer Neighbourhood Team
  • Stanfield Close Residents’ Association and Neighbourhood Watch
John Jay Shield Participants

The runner-up was awarded to John Lambert, landlord of the Jolly Sailor, and organiser of a successful pub watch scheme in Poole town.

The winner’s shield went to Lou Knight, former Independent Chair of Hamworthy Safer Neighbourhood Team, Chair of Turlin Moor Action Group and all round community champion.

Participants commented how positive it was to see the depth and breadth of voluntary community effort in Poole.

1st March 2010  

Dog Control Orders Consultation - Public Meeting

Date: 7pm, 30th March 2010
Venue: Allendale Community Centre, Wimborne
Agenda: Discussion of Proposed Dog Control Orders

Please inform any of your friends and acquaintances, who may not have access to email, about this meeting.

I would urge as many of you as possible to attend as it will probably be our last chance to register the strength of our opposition to the Dog
Control Order proposals.

I have been invited to speak on behalf Corfe Mullen Dog Walkers and I will base my case on the points made in our submission to East Dorset
District Council of 8th October 2009 (a PDF of the letter can be downloaded from this site).

If anyone can think of any other strong points to support our case, please let me know, either by email or by telephone.

I understand that the supporters of the proposed dog control orders have also been invited to speak at this meeting, which will be attended by a
number of East Dorset District and Corfe Mullen Parish Councillors.

Thank you for your support.


Ann Darnell
Lead Spokesperson
Corfe Mullen Dog Walkers
Email:  ann.darnell@assoc.prestel.co.uk
Tel:  01202 698669

ADDITIONAL: As well as discussing the proposed Dog Control Orders for Corfe Mullen, this meeting will also be discussing the Dog Control Orders for Fryers Field in West Moors, Ferndown School and King George's V Playing Fields.

3rd September 2009  

Proposed Dog Control Order on Corfe Mullen Recreation Ground

East Dorset District Council are attempting to enforce a Dog Control Order on parts of Corfe Mullen recreation ground as well as Fryers Field in West Moors and King George V & parts of Ferndown Schools' playing fields.

Please see the full news article on the Tricks 4 Treats web site and sign their online petition.

15th July 2007  

General Update

BOP (Borough of Poole) have provided the information required to register Hamworthy Park Beach with the Marine Conservation Society under the Adopt-a-Beach Scheme (see below for details). A country wide beach clean event is due to take place during the 3rd weekend in September and it is hoped that we can take part in that.

BOP Youth services have responded re the mobile youth facilities scheduled to be in the Park every Wednesday evening. Due to staffing problems they were unable to attend the last 2 weeks but have assured us they will be there on Wednesday 18th. Please let the youngsters know if you see any of them around.

We have also asked the SNT team if they can also be in the Park on a Wednesday evening (Cops in the Park!!) and make it a real community affair.

Hope to see you all there for the DWAG weekly clean-up, 7pm by the car park. Thanks to our regular supporters but more helpers would be appreciated.

27th June 2007  

DWAG – First Operation Clean Sweep

Thanks to everyone who turned out for the clean-up but we all still need to keep vigilant. We still haven't seen any evidence of BOP's presence in the park so will be contacting them again shortly.

We did however meet some youth workers from BOP who will be in the park every Wednesday night during the summer months with some activities for the kids (they have a large inflatable football net and other things). Unfortunately there were not any kids in the park last night (except for the ones from DWAG who were helping with the clean sweep). Please let the local kids know for next week as the youth workers have also advised us that BOP has a large sum of money (£100,000) which can be used for youth projects in the area. The projects have to be proposed by the kids themselves who then have to present their case to a panel of people- sounds a bit like some TV programme but if it gets us money then worth a try.

Nina, the mural artist, came along with some of her fabulous pictures and she would love to do a dog mural on the back of one of the beach huts. If you have a beach hut and would like it to feature one of Nina's designs then please let us know or contact Nina herself at: ninagrafix@aol.co.uk.

23rd June 2007  

DWAG – Mega Clean-up

During the busy Summer months DWAG will be taking part in weekly clean-ups every Wednesday evening. All welcome.

21st June 2007  

DWAG Celebrate with press release

We are absolutely delighted to advise you that the Borough of Poole Councils' proposal NOT to proceed with the Dogs On Leads & Dogs off the Beach ( May-Sept ) Exclusion Orders in Hamworthy Park were unanimously supported by the Members of the Environment Overview Group last night. The only Order to be made was The Dogs Exclusion ( Hamworthy Park Playground ) Order 2007, which DWAG supported. 

The Hamworthy Dog Walkers Action Group ( DWAG ) were in attendance and were thrilled when Members of the Council including Cllr Don Collier, Portfolio Holder for Environment & Leisure paid tribute to our Action Group. DWAG will not let them down, and will ensure that we, as Responsible Dog Owners together with all our Responsible Dog Walking friends clear up after our Beloved Dogs and also keep them under control at all times. 

We have so many fantastic and wonderful contacts within the Borough of Poole and DWAG are so excited to be working alongside them and the Friends of Hamworthy Park in keeping Hamworthy Park pristine and a park for all !!!

DWAG meets DAWG!!

Also attending the EOG meeting were three people from the local area with whom we exchanged details. We have since made contact and have found out that one of the three, Nina Camplin is currently studying for a fine art degree and is about to start her final year. For one of her projects, Nina has been producing life-sized representations of dogs in the Poole and Bournemouth area. She began with missing dogs in the hope that it would help the owners to trace their pets and then went on to work with DAWG (Dorset Animal Workers Group) , portraying some of the rescue dogs as a way of raising awareness of the work that DAWG do and to convey particular messages about the individual rescue dogs.

During her final year Nina wants to continue painting life-sized representations of dogs in public spaces but wishes to cover other issues that groups such as DWAG may want to make more high profile. She would also like to do some slightly humorous ones, and has asked if any of our members have a dog that has a funny story that she might be able to represent in one of her murals in some way.

If you would like to see some more of Nina’s work then take a look at her web-site which is at http://ninacamplin.co.uk/dogs/dog1.htm. She is extremely talented.

DWAG are hoping that she can help with our proposed Clean-up campaign with EPCS.

20th June 2007  

Story in the Echo

Dog ban plans likely to bow out at council By Lynn Jackson

CAMPAIGNERS fighting plans to introduce dog bans across Hamworthy's park and beach could see the proposals thrown out on Thursday, June 21.

Poole councillors are being advised to reject moves to ban dogs from the beach at Hamworthy and make dog owners keep their pets on leads in the park.

14th June 2007  

Hamworthy East and West and Poole Town Area Committee

This meeting will be held in St Michaels Church Hall on Wednesday 20th June 2007 from 7-10pm and is open to the public.

DWAG would like as many supporters as possible to attend the meeting but please note that it is just a show of numbers required and it is important that none of us get dragged into an argument with any anti-dog people who may also attend.

The members of the Area committee are the local councillors for Hamworthy East, Hamworthy West and Poole Town.
8th June 2007  

DWAG Meet with Council Officers

On Friday 8 th June, DWAG finally got to attend a meeting with Council officers at the Leisure Services Office in Creekmoor. We were informed that the results of the Consultation were almost 80% against the Dogs on Leads and Dogs on Beach orders. The majority were in favour of the Dog Exclusion Zone around the paddling pool and children’s play area. As a result, the consultation report would be recommending that only the order relating to the Dog Exclusion Zone is implemented.

It was explained that the next stage of the process is for the consultation report to be presented to the Hamworthy East and West and Poole Town Area Committee on Wednesday 20 th June.

The Consultation document plus any outcome of the Area meeting will then be presented to the Environment Overview Group on Thursday 21 st June. The matter will then be voted on. The results and documents will finally be presented to the full council on Thursday 12 th July.

DWAG also put forward the suggestion that the council work with the local community to encourage responsible behaviour and respect for other park users and property. We also stated the need for more signs and suggested that one solution could be time restrictions on certain parts of the beach during the main summer months.

Overall, we all felt the Meeting was very worthwhile and we will ALL ( DWAG & Borough of Poole Council ) continue to work with Councillors and the ECPS (Environmental, Consumer Protection Services ) to keep our Beloved Hamworthy Park in its' pristine condition.
18th May 2007  

Current Status of Dog Control Orders

The proposed Dog Orders were supposed to come into force on 1st May 2007, but due to the amount of correspondence that the Borough of Poole received, the consultation period has been extended, so IT IS STILL OK for us all to walk our beloved three and four legged friends within Hamworthy Park .

The proposed Dog Control Orders will now be discussed at an Area Committee Meeting sometime in June, date still to be confirmed, DWAG will be there. We would also as much support as possible at this meeting, so please come along if you can.

There is also no confirmed date for the meeting between DWAG and the council/councillors but now that the elections are over it is hoped this will be scheduled soon.
5th May 2007  

Council reply to DWAG Request for Information Regarding Proposed Dog Control Orders

DWAG have received the reply to their request for more information re dog fouling, out of control dogs etc in Hamworthy Park

In summary:

  • Dog Warden Activity: We (BOP) do carry out some early morning visits, evening visits and weekend visits at the Park but have not carried out visits in the hours of darkness up till now. This is because of the difficulty in gathering evidence we could use for fixed penalty notices and for health and safety reasons. We are going to review working in darkness but enforcement is difficult in such circumstances.
  • Choice of Dates: The May to September dates were chosen to bring the proposed Order(3) in line with the current bye-laws relating to dogs on leads on the promenade and the current beach exclusions.
  • Dog Fouling: 13 dog fouling complaints were made to Environmental & Consumer Protection Services between 010405 and 010207.
Health Issues: We do not specifically record health issues relating to dogs unless it concerns an alleged attack on humans, dogs or other animals or is associated with a dog fouling complaints. None recorded.
11th April 2007  

New DWAG Web Site

If you are reading this, then you already know that the new web site has been launched to keep DWAG members up to date with what is going on. Thanks to Tricks 4 Treats for their help with this.

7th April 2007  

Keeping the Park Clean

Posters have been printed and placed around the park stating that the park is being kept clean by DWAG. Kelly, Lin and a number of other DWAG members (including "Sargeant Stubbs") have continued to keep the park litter and poo free. We have also received a donation of a large number of gloves to help us in our quest. Thanks to everyone for helping with this and hopefully the council will soon provide the additional resources to do the job properly themselves. It is their responsibility and we do not intend to do their job for them for ever. If anyone owns a beach hut in the park and would allow us to use it to display one of our posters then please let us know or feel free to download a copy from this site.


DWAG has received lots of emails supporting our cause and our membership continues to grow. There are concerns by some that attempts will be made to enforce dogs on leads orders in other parks in the area, including Baiter, Whitecliff and Upton Park. DWAG are trying to find out what the proposals are and if we feel they are unreasonable will take whatever action we feel necessary to ensure proper consultation is undertaken. A general poster about DWAG can also be downloaded from this site. Please feel free to put them up in other areas where you walk your dogs to help spread the word.

Local Elections

Once the list of candidates for the May elections is known, DWAG will be contacting each of them for their views on our campaign.


DWAG tee-shirts are now available for £6 each with £1 being donated to DWAG to help with costs of phone calls, laminating posters etc. These can be personalized but please do not request anything that may offend others.

New Housing Developments

DWAG is trying to find out if dogs are allowed in the houses and flats in the new development in Shapwick Rd and on the former Power Station site. They are also seeking information on the amount of affordable housing.

Blue Flag Beach

DWAG will be contacting the council to ask them what plans and funding they have to implement the many changes that will be required to obtain Blue Flag status.

7th April 2007  

Communications with the Council - Update

Below is a copy of a reply which was received from Mr Crossen-White to the letter sent on 2nd April:

Dear Miss Squibb

Thank you for your email.
My role is to collate the responses to the proposed dog control orders and report them to council committee. I will include your response as an objection to the proposed order relating to the Park in a report that will initially be sent to Hamworthy Area Committee in June.
The advertised orders are proposals only and as such no decision will be made until the end of the consultation period and there has been sufficient time to consider the responses. The first meeting to discuss the issues was hoped to be Hamworthy area committee with an as yet unconfirmed date of 12 June 2007.
With regard to your freedom of information act questions you will receive a response within our target response time i.e. 20 working days.

Andrew Crossen-White
Principal Officer

A reply was also received from Cllr Gregory who has, on our invitation, paid a visit to the park and he was suitably impressed with the now pristine state. However, he did comment that he wondered how long it would continue. He was then reminded that the Council are responsible for the cleanliness of the park and we suggested he take up the matter with them. He also said that it would help our cause if the responsible dog owners could identify the offenders, again he was advised that if we had the information we would pass it on but ultimately it is the councils responsibility to catch the offenders. Cllr Gregory has now responded to say he has taken note of our comments and will pass them to Leisure Services. Cllr Gregory also stated in an email that:

“ The next public consultation will be at the Area Meeting scheduled for sometime in June. I believe that an informal meeting with  representatives of the dog walkers is hoped for prior to that meeting. Neither Mike nor I expect to be involved in that meeting  “

No other replies have been received to date. We await the response to the points raised under the Freedom of Information Act.
6th April 2007  

Echo Photo Shoot

The photo shoot in the park was reported in the Bournemouth Echo on Tuesday 2nd April under the headline ‘Dog lovers set to fight park clean-up move’. We felt the story was misleading as we are fighting for a clean park. DWAG have since spoken with the reporter Juliette Astrup and told her how upset we all were at the way DWAG had been portrayed. She is now going to be doing an update for us. The Kennel Club have also been in touch with the Echo to say that they support us through K C Dog. Juliette will be contacting DWAG after the Easter Hols. The Kennel Club have also told us that now KC Dog are on board, the next Echo story will be much more positive.

Thanks to everyone who has written a letter to the Echo complaining about the mis-reporting of our story and also for the many comments posted on the Echo site.

To see the full article and to leave your comments, please see the Echo site.

3rd April 2007  


The interview with 2CR FM was broadcast on the news on Monday 2nd April and included comments from Clive Smith, Head of Leisure Services.

2nd April 2007  

Communications with the Council

A letter objecting to the new Dog Control orders in Hamworthy Park was emailed to Andrew Crossen-White, ( Principal Officer, Environmental & Consumer Protection Services) and copied to Clive Smith (Head of Leisure Services), Shaun Robson(Head of Environmental & Consumer Protection), Cllr Collier(Portfolio Holder Environment), Cllr White( Hamworthy East), Cllr Gregory(Hamworthy East)

The letter requested further information on the following points under the Freedom of Information Act:-

  • If the issue was raised at the earliest in late October time what evidence is there for an Order now prescribed from May to September?
  • What is the bench mark for action across the Borough? Are there worse areas where you have not taken this action?
  • What evidence supports the order in each of the prescribed areas for example I have seen fouling behind the beach huts but very little on the beach so where is the evidence to ban dogs from the promenade and beach
  • If the issue is one of dogs being out of control on the beach/promenade then how many complaints over the last 12 months have there been to substantiate this action
  • How many health issues have there been relating to dogs in the Park?
  • If no ‘census’ in terms of use of the park has been undertaken how can you make decisions on the periods from May – September
  • We all know that other than holidays times for schools the park is predominantly used from late July through to early September from about 0800 -1900 at the latest and at weekends when the weather is fine
  • There is already a prescribed area for children, which is currently under refurbishment which we all with the exception of a few abide by and never take dogs into.
  • The park has been used for walking dogs for many, many years and under this legislation the council are duty bound to provide an alternative area – this has not been done
  • Bearing in mind some of the elderly residents always keep to the paths what other arrangements will be made to allow them safe passage as other areas would be unsafe for them! Because now they would be unable to do a complete circle on paths and would have to walk over some uneven ground where youngsters will be playing football cricket Frisbees etc…. Has a Health and Safety Audit been considered?
  • There are also at least two people who use the park in good weather who are wheel chair bound – their dogs are companions not registered as guide dogs or helpers. What considerations have you made for them?
  • Why has no contact been made to resolve the issues, which have yet, not been made known to us?
31st March 2007  

Photo Shoot Update

The photo shoot was well attended with many people coming along to show their support.

Candidate for Upton, Simon Williams, also came along to show his support, please also offer yours.

Dog Walkers Action Group (D.W.A.G) has also been setup to support that campaign.

28th March 2007  

Meeting Update

A meeting to discuss the proposed Dog Control Order went well with 80 people attending.

A photo shoot with the Daily Echo has been arranged for Sat 31st March at 10am in Hamworthy Park by the Cafe and everyone is welcome to come along to show their support.

23rd March 2007  

Dog Walking Restrictions Planned for Hamworthy Park

Poole Borough Council are proposing a new Dog Control Order that dogs must be kept on lead at all times in Hamworthy Park.

A copy of the proposed orders (in PDF format) can be found on Poole Borough Councils web site. There is also a discussion forum about the proposed orders on Poole's Discuss It web site.

If you wish to find out more about this and to discuss the proposed Dog Control Orders, a meeting is being held on Monday 26th March at 18.30 at The Yachtsman Inn, 124 Lake Road, Hamworthy.



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